Hi! My name is Andrea Child.  I'm so excited to have you here on my site! 

I am a portrait photographer living and serving here in the south end of the Salt Lake valley.  Let's first chat about the picture above of my large family who can't even fit in the frame provided. HAAAaa!! There are a lot of us, but I love them all. They are my world. That man in the middle - he's my rock! He keeps things running at home and sometimes accompanies me on my shoots, balancing V-Flats, and equipment ..he does all this, so I can do what I love to do... making new friends while I am out working-which really doesn't feel like work bcuz we are just out having a great time- :D

Please hit the contact button below to get ahold of me OR you can directly email me at teatreephotography@gmail.com or text at 801.874.6115.

I am excited to hear from you!!